A simple guide to fitness goals

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Written By Suzan

Previously I already said that you will have to make a change in 3 segments of your life if you want to get and feel better. Your mentality, your nutrition and your physical activity. I already talked about how to change your mental approach and how to change your relationship with food. This is the last step in making that change. Let’s talk about training.

You need to understand that to see a real change in your body you will have to make sacrifices and let go of certain aspects of your life. That’s what you will have to accept if you want to make the next step. In life everything comes with a cost and it’s your choice what you prioritise.

Change takes time

As I already said before – start slow. If you’ve been inactive for the past few months or years, add one easy workout a week. Or just try to go out for a 20-30min walk a few times per week. When this becomes a habit you can start thinking about changing it for a training session once a week. Now you are dedicating specific time for yourself several times a week, indicating your are ready to take the next step. Now clarify your fitness objectives. Do you only want to burn some extra calories or do you want to build more muscle? Tailor your plan to align with your goals. If you want to burn calories, do more cardio. If you want to build muscles – lift weights.

Just showing up is not enough.

Before you start any training, take the time to educate yourself as much as you can about it. Set clear goals and then research the best way to achieve them.  I often see people going to the gym regularly, thinking they’re doing something good for their body, but in reality, they just do random exercises without a plan and they are not putting in enough effort. Simply showing up is not enough. Without a clear plan and serious effort, you are wasting time and won’t get close to your goals. If you dedicate your time every week to exercise and improving your body, make those hours count. Create a plan and give it your all during workouts. Put your phone on DND and focus on the workout.

Be prepared

When you have a plan, there’s less room for mistakes. It might sound boring to many, but it’s the most effective approach.I’d gladly be considered “boring” if it means achieving the results I want. Think about professional athletes, they often follow similar training routines for years. Repeating the same movements to perfection is the key to progress. To stay ahead, you must adapt. If that involves planning your entire week, including meals and workouts down to the minute, so be it. You should go with the best plan to get the results you want.

So start with small steps and plan your first month based on your goal. Stick to the same routine for those 30 days and once you achieve that goal, set a new one. Next month try adding one weekly workout and see how you feel after these two months. Notice how it changed your daily life. Next month, will you stick to two workouts a week with 30 minutes of added cardio or can you manage three workouts a week? Do these workouts regularly and you’ll see positive changes in both your lifestyle and body as you achieve your “small goals” every month.

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