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Spring is in full effect and as it is getting warmer we slowly start to strip away thicker layers and start reaching after more breathable options. We also wear our jackets and shirt open a lot more often. I know some of you wear a t-shirt under your shirt all year around. I don’t so I swap it for a tank top especially when I plan to wear my shirt open. I really like the vintage aesthetic of a nice ribbed tank with a cool shirt. In the past I wore old army surplus tanks but I decided to search for a perfect ribbed tank top that is available on the market today. You can easily find them by fast fashion brands but they are pretty hard to come by if you are looking for a quality version. So my criteria was 100% cotton and produced in ethical and healthy environment. I found a few good options with a help of my followers.

Ferrys – 5242 Camiseta Tirantes Hilo De Escocia Canalé
Ribbed version – price: 15,90€ – get it here here
Perforated version – price: 13,30€ – get it here.

Made in Spain by Ferrys. A brand that is operating since 1928 and they are producing underwear, loungewear and sleepwear. They strive to provide the best quality at accessible price and all their stuff is made by them in Spain. They offer amazing value for the price. They also offer a perforated tank top if you prefer this over ribbed version.

Schiesser – Double Rib Undershirts
Essentials version – price for a 2-pack: 24,95€ – get it here here
Original Classics version – price for a 2-pack: 29,95€ – get it here

They offer ribbed tank top in 2 options. Essentials and Original Classics, both are 100% cotton and come in 2 packs. Another option with amazing value for the price. Schiesser is a German brand operating since 1875. They have production in EU in Czech Republic. 

Calida – Athletic Shirt
Twisted cotton version – price: 32,95€ – get it here / or a 2pack for 58,95 – get it here
Rib knit cotton version – price: 29,95€ – get it here / or a 2pack for 49,95 – get it here

They have plenty different options available. A few different ribbed options and also a few plain ones. Available in a 2-pack as well. Calida is a Swiss underwear brand established in 1941. They have production in their own factories in Hungary and Romania.

Schostal Roma – Canotta Filo Scozia
Ribbed version – price: 51€ – get it here here
Plain version – price: 37€ – get it here

Made in Italy by Italian brand that is operating in Rome since 1870. They offer ribbed and non ribbed versions. Price for their tanks is higher than other similar made in EU alternatives so it would be very interesting to see how they hold up side by side.

Aimé Leon Dore – Tank Top 3-Pack
3-pack – price in EU: 80€ – get it here here / price in USA: $65 – get it here

Very nice ribbed texture, available only in 3-pack. Made in Canada for Aimé Leon Dore.

Knickerbocker – Rib Tank
Price: 57,95€ – get it here.

This one is made in Portugal but it is aesthetically not exactly what I am looking for in a tank top because the straps are wider than usual. Knickerbocker is a New York based brand established in 2013. Unfortunately this one is not available in EU.

Armor Lux – Openwork knit tank top
Price: 29€ – get it here.

This one is not ribbed but perforated but I included it because I know some people prefer this style. It is made in France. Armor Lux is a french company established in 1938.

Sunspel – Cellular Cotton Underwear Vest
Price: 55€ – get it here.

This one is also not ribbed, but decided to include it because there are not many quality made tank top versions on the market and I am sure not everyone wants a ribbed version. This one is Made in Portugal. Sunspel is a British clothing brand with a proud heritage of innovation established in 1860.

Wythe – Tubular Cotton Ribbed Tank Top
Price: 36,95€ – get it here.

Made in USA. This one is exactly what the name says. It seems that it is unfortunately not available at any EU retailer. Wythe is American brand inspired by Western and Americana.

Fleurs De Bagne – Le Marcel “Gileton du Pegriot”
Price: 59€ – get it here.

This one is a little bit different. Inspired by vintage version, but it has more pronounced ribbing in the middle of the tank top. Made in France. Fleurs De Bagne is a french brand that draws inspiration from military and navy clothing around WWII.

Zimmerli – Richelieu Tank Top 
Price: 120€ – get it here.

This is the most expensive of all that I have found. I am not familiar with the brand but it seems like a very premium product. I am still not sure if I can justify the price. Made in Switzerland. Zimmerli is a Swiss brand operating since 1871.

Scott Fraser Collection – Perforated vest
Price for a 2-pack: £37 – get it here.

Another version that is not ribbed but perforated. Some will say this texture gives even more vintage vibes. Made in Poland.

When choosing a perfect tank top it comes down to a personal preference which texture or aesthetics you prefer and also what price you can justify. All of these versions are better quality and made in better environment than those made by fast fashion brands, so you can’t go wrong with any of them.

I would love to hear which one will you choose.

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