Elevate your winter wardrobe

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Written By Suzan

When you have built your winter wardrobe with essentials in basic colours you might be interested in how to elevate it or add even more variety. One way to do this is by introducing patterns and colours.

The Patterned Coat Statement

Once you own a winter coat in basic colour, it’s time to add some variety to your rotation. Try a patterned coat like grey-black herringbone or warmer tones like brown or tan. For those who want to make a statement, coats with Houndstooth or Tartan patterns might be a more interesting choice.

Staying Warm with Layered Vests

On very cold days you can add an extra layer with a wool or down-filled vest. To make it more practical and compatible with most of your wardrobe choose natural colors like navy, olive, brown, or tan.

Adding a Pop of Color with Knitwear

If you’re worried that a patterned coat is too loud, adding a pop of colour with knitwear is a great alternative. Choose brighter colours like red, orange, yellow or green.

Corduroy and Wool for more Texture

If you want more variety in your trouser rotation you can add a pair in corduroy or wool. Colours like tan, green or grey should be perfect for everyday wear or more formal occasions.

Show personality with printed scarf

I understand that some of you want to keep your wardrobe more toned down and simple with natural colors. But you can still show some charisma or add a bit of pop with a patterned or printed scarf.

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