Elevated Spring Wardrobe

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When you have your spring wardrobe essentials covered, it might be time to elevate it or add more variety. One way to do it is by adding different styles, patterns and colours.

Add new styles to your outerwear

If you already have a trench coat, nice simple blazer, quality denim jacket and military overshirt, it’s time to add new styles to your rotation. Try a check patterned blazer in wool or linen. To make a statement, a brown suede or black leather jacket. On warmer days a padded vest if you need just a little extra protection. You can be more playful and choose a brighter colour like green or light blue. To keep it simple and compatible with most of your wardrobe stick with natural colours like navy, olive, brown or tan.

Top row from left to right: Drake’sLavenham, Fortela, The Real McCoy’sVelasca
Bottom row from left to right: Drake’s, Valstar, Mackintosh, Natalino

Colourful Knitwear

If you prefer your jackets in simple, natural tones, you can add a little pop of colour with knitwear. In spring you can choose pastels like baby blue, light yellow or pink. You can go with crewneck or knitted polo on colder days or if you are not sure how warm it will get you can choose a cardigan, so you can wear it completely open if needed.

Top row from left to right: Drake’sRubato, Fortela, The Real McCoy’sJamieson’s of Shetland
Bottom row from left to right: H.N. White, Colhays, Jamieson’s of Shetland, Colhays

Spring Shirt Selection

Spring days can get very warm when it’s sunny, so learn and perfect your layering game. When it comes to shirts you should have basics covered with a white tee, an oxford shirt and a clean polo. To add more variety get a t-shirt in any colour, but I would start with navy or grey. Your shirt collection should include simple white, blue and striped shirts. With striped shirts you can be more creative while choosing colours. Start simple with polos, a cream or navy and if you want to add more colour to your outfit, go with pink, light yellow, baby blue or green.

Top row from left to right: SunspelBuzz Rickson’s, Drake’s, John Gluckow
Bottom row from left to right: Natalino, John Smedley, Merz B. Schwanen, Rubato

Keep it simple with trousers

I would keep trouser rotation simple. It is easier to show more personality with a jacket, sweater or a shirt. Simple ecru and blue jeans, grey and navy trousers and khaki chinos. You can add olive or brown to have more variety.

Top row from left to right: FullcountDrake’s, Berg&Berg, Buzz Rickson’s
Bottom row from left to right: Fortela, Drake’s, Rubato, Denime

Accessorise with neckwear

I understand that some of you want to keep your wardrobe more toned down and simple with natural colours. So you can always add another layer of extra colour with a nice scarf or bandana.

Top row from left to right: PoszetkaBonne Gueule, Poszetka
Bottom row from left to right: The Real McCoy’s, The Real McCoy’s, Poszetka

Unpredictable spring weather requires good layering, so choose garments that will seamlessly blend into your existing wardrobe and add a bit of colour or texture. If you prefer to keep you wardrobe completely neutral think about adding a colourful scarf or bandana and you will see how this small addition will upgrade your outfit.

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