Essential Spring Footwear

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With a change of seasons from winter to spring it comes a change in footwear as well. On colder days we can still wear winter boots or derbies, but we get to wear loafers more often and slowly start reaching for sneakers. Spring is the most enjoyable season for footwear because you can wear everything. The weather can drastically change from really cold to super warm in a matter of a day or two, so we can often switch from leather boots to canvas sneakers.


I will start with loafers as they are my favourite type of spring footwear. I would describe them as the most relaxed type of footwear I wear. They are super comfortable when you find the model that fits you perfectly. You can get them in brown suede to wear them with basically everything. But if you want to wear them with tailoring go for black leather option. If you get unlined version, you can wear them without socks on warmer days and through the whole summer.

Top row from left to right: AldenSeptieme LargeurCrockett and JonesEdward Green
Bottom row from left to right: VelascaHoratio LondonJ.M. WestonMorjas

Derby Shoes

Second option are derbies. This is the type of shoe you can wear all year long. You probably have a pair if you wear tailoring a lot. And a very casual dresser probably owns a pair of Paraboot Michaels that can be worn all year long. It is a bad weather shoe option for many people. 

Top row from left to right: Crockett and Jones, ParabootSeptieme Largeur, Max Sauveur
Bottom row from left to right: Paraboot, VelascaHoratio LondonHeschung, Carmina

Desert Boots (Chukka)

When it comes to pairing with outfits, they’re just like suede loafers because they can be matched with almost anything, but they have a slightly different visual appeal. Usually people that don’t like loafers prefer desert boots or vice versa. You  can wear them most of the year, but because the upper is usually made from unlined suede you can easily get cold, so they are not practical for winter months. But they are perfect for warmer days. You can even wear them without socks on very warm days (I don’t see the need for that but I know some people do it).

Top row from left to right: Trickers, Heschung, Sanders, Drake’s
Bottom row from left to right: Astorflex, Berwick 1707, Anglo-Italian, Clark’s

Canvas Sneakers

Simple canvas sneakers are also one of my favorite options on very warm days. I prefer old school canvas deck sneakers. This style matches with just about everything – from simple jeans and t-shirt, to a more layered look with a blazer and even tailoring if you want to make it more relaxed but still clean.

Top row from left to right: Mr. Fliks, Asahi, Doek, Buck Mason x Moonstar
Bottom row from left to right: Doek, Novesta, Vans, Converse

Boat Shoes

This is a style that I personally am not a fan of, but for many people boat shoes are essential for casual wear in warmer months. You can get them in leather or suede and in many different colour variations, so you can definitely find a combination that will perfectly match your outfit or wardrobe colour palette.

Top row from left to right: Paraboot, Anglo-ItalianG.H. Bass, Paraboot
Bottom row from left to right: Sebago, Scarosso, VelascaDrake’s by Sebago

You can have all these different styles of shoes if they go with your style, or you can only get loafers and get through all the warmer days without a problem. It really depends on your personal style and what you prefer, you just have to find the right fit. 

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