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It is getting warmer as spring is just a few weeks away. Most of us are preparing to put our winter coats in the closet and take out lighter jackets. Spring and fall is my favourite time of the year because it is warmer outside and we get a lot more sun than in the winter but can also still wear many layers. And that is why it is important to have different types of jackets. From leather to denim. Today I will write about my favourite spring / fall outerwear that every man should have.

Mac coat

Let’s start with a Mac coat. It is a perfect coat for days when it is not as cold anymore but it might rain or you just want to wear a longer coat that works great with a suit or a sports jacket. It visually has a similar effect as winter overcoat but with adding a much lighter layer on top. 

From left to right: Drake’s, Private White VC, Baracuta, Mackintosh

Vest / Gilet

Vest is the item that you can have a lot of fun with as they come in many different materials and colours. It is perfect for spring/fall because you can get it in extra padded super warm version or very light and thin to get just a bit of isolation on windy days. You can have a version from suede or wool that you can wear with tailoring or over a sports coat, or choose a leather version for more rugged look over a denim jacket or a shirt. But most of them come in some type of nylon, so it is super light but offers great protection at the same time. 

Top row from left to right: Rocky Mountain Featherbed, Shangri-la heritage, Lavenham, Drake’s
Bottom row from left to right: Rocky Mountain Featherbed, Lavenham, Valstar Milano, Fortela

Waxed jacket

Waxed jacket is one of those pieces that you can wear all year long. In winter you wear it with thicker layers or even isolated vest, in spring and fall you can wear it over a sweater, and on chilly summer evenings you can put it over a t-shirt. You can dress it up or down – wear it with a suit or with denim. 

Top row from left to right: Barbour, Shangri-la heritage, Drake’s
Bottom row from left to right: Drake’s, Private White VC x Permanent Style, Barbour

Army shirt / jacket

I am a big fan of military garments. They add masculine energy to the outfit and they work with almost everything. And the best thing is they look even better with age. You can get great quality – made in Japan reproductions of items from World war II or Vietnam war or you can find a vintage piece from that time.

Top row from left to right: OrSlow, Vintage, The Real McCoy’s, Vintage
Bottom row from left to right: The Real McCoy’s, Vintage, OrSlow, OrSlow

Sports jacket / coat

It is a perfect choice for days when you don’t want to wear a suit but be a bit more causal. It works with a shirt, t-shirt or a rollneck. You can wear it with smarter trousers or denim. And the colour and pattern options are almost infinite.

Top row from left to right: Drake’s, Besnard, Natalino, Velasca
Bottom row from left to right: Poszetka, Drake’s, Velasca, Blugiallo

Suede jacket

I have chosen suede jackets instead of regular leather because I think suede looks much cooler and it works even better with most clothing. It offers great protection for windy days or when it is a bit colder. And everyone looks great in suede jacket. The most important thing with leather jackets is to get the right size.

Top row from left to right: Shangri-la heritage, Valstar Milano, Valstar Milano, Fortela
Bottom row from left to right: Drake’s, Y’2 Leather, Fortela, Drake’s

Denim / Jeans jacket

Army and denim jackets are by far my favourite. They have so much history and also look amazing. There are many different versions of jeans jacket but most of them are shorter than most of other jackets I talked about in this post. Type 1, 2 and 3 are the most popular. If you want a jeans jacket in longer version look for chore jacket or coverall jacket.

Top row from left to right: Drake’s, Oni Denim, Warehouse & Co, OrSlow
Bottom row from left to right: Fullcount, Superstitch Paris, Sugar Cane, The Real McCoy’s

Chore coat / jacket 

It is one of these pieces than can completely transform your look but it all depends on the material and colour you choose. It can be dressed up in wool, suede or corduroy and be super casual in denim or cotton twill.

Top row from left to right: De Bonne Facture, Poszetka, Brut, Le Mont St Michel
Bottom row from left to right: Drake’s, Fullcount, Drake’s, Vetra

All these types of jackets have different aesthetic and function. They are perfect addition to every spring / fall selection. It just depends on your personal style which models you prefer. Some are a lot more formal and some more causal, a lot of it also depends on the material and colour but many of them can work both ways. All of them are very versatile but you need to know which ones work best with most of your wardrobe so you get more styling options.

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