Spring Wardrobe Essentials

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Winter is coming to an end and we are finally getting warmer weather. Because we are transitioning into a new season many people feel the urge to change their whole closet or style. To avoid feeling this need to change every season you should work on building a timeless wardrobe where you add a new item every now and then to get even more variety in your closet. To achieve this you want to have pieces that work well for different occasions and with different materials and colours so it is easier to combine them but they also have to be functional. And keep in mind that for start you should only consider neutral colours like navy, beige, olive, white and blue, so it will be easier for you to style them into outfits.

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Let’s start with jackets. I think everyone should have a sports coat. As we are talking about essentials, get it in one basic colour first. I would start with navy because it goes well with basically everything, but you can go for grey or beige as well. 

You should also have a jacket that will protect you on rainy days. If you’re wardrobe is a bit more smart go for mac coat, probably in tan or a beige colour, but if it suits your whole wardrobe colour palette better, you can choose navy. If you are more of a casual dresser then a waxed jacket could be an alternative. Olive, navy or brown are the most versatile colours. 

A denim jacket is another item that should be in everyone’s closet. It can be a Type 1, 2 or 3 if you are more of a casual dresser, but if you want to look a bit more elegant, a denim chore coat is a great option. 

And lastly, green army shirt. It is a perfect choice on days when you want to look relaxed. It goes with basically everything. It works best with a chambray or denim shirt and white jeans or chinos. But you can wear it even with nicer shirts in lighter colours and tailored trousers.

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Moving to sweaters. You can still wear your winter sweaters that aren’t too thick and warm. I think the most versatile and basic colours for sweaters will always be cream, grey and navy. In spring cardigans can be very practical, because you can just unbutton them when you get too warm. Also knitted polos or rugby shirts are a great option because you can open up a button or two to let your neck breathe a little more if you need it.

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When it gets warmer most people start with a shirt or a t-shirt as their base layer. A good quality white t-shirt is a must for every closet. The second choice for relaxed approach is a chambray shirt. Get one that is made in Japan. For smarter looks a nice white or white striped shirt should do the trick but you can easily dress it down aswell if you want to wear it with army shirt or denim jacket.

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With trousers not much will change from winter. More about switching from darker to lighter colours and thiner fabrics. A nice blue wash and ecru denim should be a staple of every wardrobe. They go with basically everything. For non denim options you can go with grey or navy trousers for dressier looks or with khaki chinos for more casual days.

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And lastly let’s talk about footwear. If you want to cover everything – 3 styles could be enough. A pair of shoes in brown suede, another pair in black leather and a pair of canvas sneakers. That is all you need for a start and you have the whole season covered. From cold rainy days to warm sunny days and everything in between. I would go with a brown suede loafers, black leather derbies and white canvas deck sneakers.

When you build a timeless wardrobe you realize that you don’t need that many different items to have outfits to cover all seasons of the year. You will have to switch up some main seasonal items because of temperature changes but the basics should be the same all year around. You just have to figure out which colours suit you better and then combine that in styles that fit your body type. 

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