What is Outfit Narrative?

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Written By Suzan

I am very passionate about quality made goods that will stand the test of time and started Outfit Narrative instagram account in the beginning of 2023 to share my enthusiasm and ideas for styling different materials and colours while trying to create timeless looks. 

Over the last couple of years my perspective on style, clothing, how we present ourselves and what we consume changed drastically and here I aim to capture and express the essence behind my style choices from the fabrics I adore to the colors that reflect timeless elegance.

Sharing Inspiring Outfits

Through regular posts on Instagram I’ve seen the impact a well put-together outfit can have – some find them inspirational, some make better choices and others just save time while deciding what to put together. I’m committed to continue sharing my outfits and my thoughts about style, fit, materials and well made garments in general. Here I will also talk more about proper fit of clothing and why the fit can make or break a good outfit.

But a good outfit can only work if you are cofident while wearing it. Confidence begins with feeling good in your own skin and being content with who you are. Good outfit is just an added bonus to look good.

Balancing Style with Well-Being

Physical and mental health are integral aspects of my life so I will share my insights into training, mentality and overall well-being as well. I will talk more about my mentality and training in hopes of helping men improve their life so they can feel better in general. 

So this blog is a space where I share my ideas, thoughts and advice for men on the journey of self-improvement.

See you along the way!


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