Winter Wardrobe Essentials

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Written By Suzan

When we are building a timeless wardrobe, we focus on thoughtfully selected pieces and when it comes to winter wardrobe, the biggest focus is on the functionality of each individual piece. And we can use them for all different occasions all while staying warm.

Focus on layering

I will start with outerwear. First should be a nice coat. A cosy relaxed fit with enough space to layer a thick sweater or a sport coat. Start with monochrome coat, a neutral colour that should go with everything in your closet, navy, camel or grey – this depends on the colour palette of your other clothes. 

Second is a down parka. That should be the warmest piece of them all. Something that you always reach for when it is super cold and you just want to be safe and warm outside. With parka you have an option to go for a little more colourful option if you want to show a bit more personality. And if you choose right it can still work with most of your outfits. I would say red (or bright orange) and yellow are best in that case. If you want to play it safe then go with olive, navy, beige or dark brown.

The last one should be a waxed jacket or army jacket. The most casual out of the three. Something that will still keep you warm if you layer it properly but will add some variety into your rotation. Something like Barbour Bedale or a M-65 jacket. Here you have more options and it all depends on your personal preference and what you think compliments your style better.

Choose knitwear that fits your lifestyle

Now we move to sweaters. Here you have a lot more options. It all depends on what suits your lifestyle more. It could be a crewneck sweater, a rollneck or a cardigan. Do you mostly wear shirts? Then a rollneck is probably not the best idea. Do you typically wear just a shirt or do you spend the majority of the day in the sweater? All that will help you nail down your decision on the thickness and material of the sweater. The best might be variation of all these styles, so you have more options but it all depends on what you prefer. And for colours I would start with ecru(off white or beige), grey and navy. They are versatile enough to cover a wide range of outfit combinations, offering just the right amount of variation.

Build on the basics

And lastly the trousers. I would start with a washed blue jeans. That is a staple that every men should have because it really goes with everything. It can be dressed up or down. You can wear it with a shirt and loafers to a meeting or with a sweater and M-65 to a brunch. The second pair I would go for is ecru (or white) denim for basically the same reason as washed blue jeans – and the combinations you can create with them are (almost) endless. The third option I would go with are navy trousers or chinos. It is a colour that works with everything mentioned above. If you think it is too dark for you then you can try khaki instead.

If you want to add a pop of colour

To finish the outfit with a little extra life you can add a accessories in bright colours – a beanie or socks in red, green, and yellow will go with basically everything I mentioned above. You can always go with neutral colours like grey, navy or beige if you  want to keep it toned down.

So here we have 3 jackets, 3 sweaters and 3 trousers, 9 elements that will give you a lot of options to create different outfits depending on occasion, your mood or the weather. I hope this will make your choice easier and help you pick pieces that will serve you year after year.

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